Life: The Game

The fun of life always takes you much time to find and complete your experience. And Life: The Game at will help you better understand your life and those around you that you have met or are living with. You will know when you are born, study, date, play sport, join in different relationships, get married, and all rules live or die... How many experiences You will understand and complete in this game.

This is a dictionary for all players from all over the world. You not only complete your challenges but also know how to discover them with new knowledge and understand all the secrets in life. This is a useful book about things around you. The knowledge is old but always a new knowledge that you need to keep and complete. ABCya 5 games help players discover all the special things of themselves and life. You do not need to spend a lot of time looking for any of these games.

Come to our website and be ready for the experience to overcome that special and answer your own questions. These will be questions you have not answered in your life. Look for the latest games constantly updated at the website to suit your age and interests. With fast loading speed, you can search your favorite game and join any time of your spare time. A lot of new lessons are created in this game and other similar games such as Color Road and Decorating For Christmas. You are ready to experience your own development and all the most important in your life.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to move, a left-mouse button to click and P to skip the level