10x10 Arabic

Tetris is one of the classic games which is loved by millions of players. With an updated idea and many new features, 10x10! Arabic is a Tetris-like game but this time, Online Abcyaa brings the freedom of placement to make this game more interesting.

The settings and the layout are more beautiful and the details are carefully designed. For each turn, you are given 3 blocks with different shapes. You can freely place them on the board wherever you want. When a full line is created, all the blocks on that line will be eliminated. In http://abcya.games, your scores are calculated by the number of blocks that you successfully crashed. Your task is to place them neatly to avoid troubles later on. If you place the blocks randomly, soon, your block will reach the ceiling. The game is over when there is no place left to put in the gems.

The ultimate goal is to gain as many scores as you can. Once you successfully filled a line with gems, the line disappears and you can place other gems. Keep trying and try to achieve the best score since this Abcya 3 grade game is quite easy so it's also suitable for kids. Only in this version will you be able to experience the smooth transition and the beautiful colors of the gems. If you like this genre, check out some games such as Slash The Rope and Match Arena

Instruction to play:

Hold the left mouse button to pick a shape and release to place it.