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Shooting games are all about honing your shooting skills to take down enemy characters or opponents, earning points, and advancing through challenging levels. In these games, you'll often assume the role of a skilled character equipped with an array of powerful weapons. Whether you go solo or join forces with a team, the goal is clear – prove yourself as the ultimate sharpshooter!

At, we offer a thrilling collection of high-quality and fun online shooting games for kids that will test your reaction speed and steady hand. Shooter games, a popular subcategory of action games, are beloved by our online gaming community. Prepare yourself for action-packed battles and get ready to wield your guns in the pursuit of victory.

Shooting games come in various forms, and we have a selection of different categories to suit your preferences.

  1. The Classics: Explore easy and free shooting games, reminiscent of the classic arcade halls. Experience the intense gameplay of shoot 'em up games, where you either hold a fixed position like in the iconic Space Invaders or navigate a scrolling environment, typical of space shooter adventures and 2D airplane battle games. Dodge enemy bullets with nimble maneuvers, utilize shields for cover, and shoot back with precision. Beware of hurtling comets and shrapnel that can strike you in scrolling shooter games and gun games. Can you dodge and survive the onslaught?
  2. Light Arcade Shooting Games and FPS: In the mid-1980s, shooter arcade games introduced light guns, enhancing the gaming experience. Players could aim at the screen and fire accurately, making shooting gallery simulator games even more thrilling. Today, we offer a similar immersive thrill with our array of first-person shooter games. Immerse yourself in the action as you navigate 3D environments from your character's perspective. Lead your soldiers and tanks through dangerous terrains, embark on multiplayer hunting adventures, or take on hordes of zombies in our humorous shooting games for kids or slick FPS adventures.

Ready to take aim and unleash your shooting prowess? Dive into our collection of shooting games and embark on thrilling missions, face off against challenging foes, and showcase your shooting skills to become the ultimate champion. Lock and load, soldier!