Adventure Quiz

Adventure Quiz will be an entirely new type of gaming selection for the fans of both quiz games and adventure games. Instead of slaughtering dragons, killing monsters, or eliminating enemies using your fighting skills, in this ABCya game for kids, you will use your brain and intelligence to do so! Does it sound strange for an adventure game? Let us guide you through the steps and how to win this unique game! You will need to use all your trivia knowledge of all subjects, ranging from history, geography, to social matters.

There will be new questions popping up once you reach a new enemy, so you will have to make sure that you use the sum of all your knowledge to choose the correct answer. Among the 4 answers, there shall be only one correct, therefore, keep on the work and choose precisely. One wrong answer and your character will lose one heart. Don't forget that you only have a total of three hearts for each turn, therefore, don't make any rash decision. How good are your memory and knowledge of different objects? We are looking for the best players in this epic adventure and see who will manage to make it through all answers.

The last ones to survive shall be crowned the highest-ranking players. Let's learn more knowledge on all topics and subjects, ranging from games, music, popular subculture issues, and many more! You can also share the wisdom with your friends or continuing on more quizzes such as Flying Cubic and Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected on our free list at The world filled with puzzle games is waiting for you to explore, so hesitate no more and tackle the game for the best entertaining moments ever!

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse or tap the screen to choose the answers.