Arrow Challenge

A game that is rated as having a player's agility will make you very excited. To be able to overcome the challenges must fight really well. Join the online game Arrow Challenge now at abcya games. Ready to accept all those new challenges. Together we will explore, relax and play like heroes. Imagine you will be one of the warriors who use bows and arrows. The more bows you collect, the more likely you are to win.

Strength will be more resilient and you will be closer to the top for extremely good players. However, do you know the rules of this game? To win you must know the rules of the game. You will be given some bows for the first level, then think fast so you can add to your arrow stack in this fun online game. Increase the number of arrows you have so you can take down the sentinel at the end. Defeat all the guards to win the game. Arrow Challenge online game at will train you to observe very quickly.

You need to move quickly to the plus points, double or more to increase the number of arrows. Don't foolishly click on the minus point box and split it in half. You will not have enough energy to destroy the last guards. How do you feel? Is there too much difference and attraction in this game? That is the feeling of all players when participating. The game has many levels. Will you become the best fighter or not? It all depends on your quickness. Your chance to enjoy some other games similar to Monster Mover and Axes Merge

Instruction to play:

Use a mouse or finger to control arrows.