Astronaut Warrior

Players begin to control the main character flying in the air and destroy opponents with their weapons in the Astronaut Warrior game. For the first time, you can discover this game at without being bothered by ads or game loading speed. Instead, this game space will make you feel more surprised than ever. Obstacles also constantly appear, forcing you to pay more attention to this challenging battle.

Do not hesitate, unlock levels today. We continually suggest to players the latest games and simple play guides combined with tips that any player wants to join and show off their skills when they have free time. This war attracted the boys of ABCya games. They always find different ways to safely overcome all challenges. Share with your friends this game and find a way to overcome obstacles with the highest score. There are many different levels for you to join the fight and become the hero who survived the battle.

Will you be able to perfect your game today? Make use of your fighting skills and destroy various enemies also flying in the sky. Don't forget to adjust your flight speed in different directions to know how to perfect them today. We recommend to players the games that they are also hard to miss to participate like Tank Defender and Shoot Angry Zombies. The game has different content and gameplay that forces you to find figure out the best way to overcome them.

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the left mouse button to fly in the sky and fight your enemies while avoiding obstacles on the way.