Baby Hazel Leg Injury

Abcya 2 girls games expand the online gaming world with different themes that players can hardly miss after every hour of intense study. Baby Hazel Leg Injury is a new game for babies. Our girl will play in the garden while her mother is watering the plants. Baby Hazel and pet Bruno are playing in the backyard. Throw away a treat for the dog to catch or feed dog. Players can also help Hazel drink milk and ride a toy car. Indoor toys will make Hazel happier. Unfortunately, Hazel fell, to her surprise, she injured her leg.

The mother panicked and gave first aid to her baby and took her to the doctor. Help Hazel's mom and the treating doctor so our baby can walk and have fun like before. Follow the game's instructions to learn how to help our Hazel get well. Does her leg have any problem that is too difficult? Players will be worried about this situation. Use medical tools like the best doctor to get our Hazel back healthy. The challenge of this baby game in just can't stop you. Expand the world of online games and become the best player today.

Countless online players also love and want to unlock the missions of this Hazel game. Hazel's game world will attract each player to complete different missions. Learn skills from the lessons you learned from this game. Hazel's wound is extremely important. Treat her and come home to play games and relax. Some similar games in Hazel game world that you cannot miss like Prom Night Dressup and Cook And Decorate. What is the most special journey?

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to follow the instructions of the game and unlock quests that you can learn