Battery Run

ABCya free game opens a world of free games that players can easily choose and complete. Do you love the Battery Run game? Do you have any knowledge about batteries? Now we present you with a collectible arcade game made from 3D battery models and electric toys. Each level hopes you collect as many batteries as you can to charge the final wall. Most of the time, the obstacle gear collision will directly cause the failure. Avoid collisions with obstacles and collect the most batteries.

Become a good player in the new journey we present to online players. What are you waiting for without choosing to complete your free time today? Countless players have tried to win our favorite game. But some electric toys will also waste your collection on the track. Keep calm and have fun. Discover all game tips at We help players complete their online gameplay and discover new game spaces every day. Help your friends pass this special running game. The game version with the battery moving on the road becomes more interesting than ever. Do you love the lucky world we introduce? This running game is different from other online games you have ever participated in.

After choosing your favorite running game, follow the online game instructions to join and pass. What tips do you use in this game? We lead players to new game worlds and guide them through countless difficult challenges. Top the player rankings with your desired game theme. Players are not bothered by any factors. Complete countless ways to play the game and unlock similar game worlds with this game like Funky Plane and Tower Switchle

Instruction to play:

How to play: Swipe left and right to move