BFFs Clothes Matching

Couples like couple things and best friends also love to wear outfit and accessories like each other too. Elsa and Ariel are the best friends since they were a kid. In childhood, they play together, eat together, and go to school together until now they still stick to each other. It’s the weekend now. They planned to go shopping last week. They want to enjoy a great shopping day.

However, as the best friend, they want to go out with the matching outfit. In BFFs Clothes Matching at abcya 2 for kids, your mission is to match their clothes, footwear and some accessories like earrings, necklace, and handbag. The game is easy and fun, suits all ages. In the first part of the game, you will help them prepare several choices of outfit including everything from clothes to accessories. You choose from various items available on the tray placed at the bottom of the screen to finish clothes matching. Remember not to miss any items. You match about 10 complete outfits for both of them.

Here at abcya free, this will give Ariel and Elsa the different choices to pick out the best one. There are many fashion styles like, cute, girly, stylish or boyish. Do you think they like which one the most? Elsa and Ariel definitely look great in everything. To ensure your choice, you let each of princess try all on. Then see which outfits suit them the best.

Don’t forget to help Elsa and Ariel choose outfit like each other. Otherwise, your mission fails. If you want to play more dress-up games, you can visit and check out Princess Pool Party and Princess Spring Fashion Color

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play.