Big Farm

BIG FARM - Multiplayer Farm Management Game 

Goodgame Big Farm is an awesome farm management game - Manage your ranch and become a successful rancher! You own a small farm and must take care of its daily running in order to become successful.

Live an exciting country life as a rich farmer and build a huge farming paradise in this cool online simulator game! Big Farm was at the Goodgame Studios in 2012 and has now over than 30 Mio. players from all over the world! Amazing graphics, pleasant music and realistic country side sounds let you immerse yourself in abcyaagame and have the greatest online farming experience. BIG FARM players are in charge to manage a little area of land and turn it into the biggest and richest farm in the whole country! You start with a small empty piece of land. To start running the business you must first arrange some fields and a windmill on your farmland, thus you will be able to grow crop, harvest and then sell it to receive some money or use it to breed animals.


Animals, in their turn, are needed to produce eggs, milk and they will also provide you with a manure, which makes flowers and crops grow faster. By selling the produced goods players earn money, which can be spent to acquire new buildings, seeds and animals. For the earned money you can also buy new farmlands and expand your farm. Besides the daily duties, players also have to deal with special tasks, which appear on the left panel. By finishing the tasks you will receive some money and most important - experience points, which are needed to get to the higher level and unlock new buildings and exotic plants. During the course of the game abcyaa 4 players can unlock different kinds of farms like flower or gourmet farm. Have fun managing your farm and always keep your workers happy!

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  • Advanced farm management features
  • Plant a wide range of crops and seeds
  • Create farm buildings and build decorations
  • Fullscreen available


BIG FARM - Cheats, Tips & Tricks


  1. Don't neglect the special tasks, they bring you the most experience points.

  2. Decorate your farm, it won't only make it look prettier, but will also make workers happy, thus they will work better and faster.

  3. Buy premium food for your animals to gain the experience points faster.

  4. Even if you are not online, your farm will continue running. Use this time to grow plants and build houses.



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Instruction to play:

Register with your E-mail address and create a nickname before entering a game, thus your progress won't get lost, even if you exit the game and come back later. Instructions in the beginning will help you to understand the game and make the first steps to your dream farm. In BIG FARM players can also build teams to communicate and help each other. BIG FARM is free and availabe online for everyone, but in case you want to expand your farm really fast - just buy some golden coins.