Bird Sort Puzzle

Any player can complete the difficult task of the Bird Sort Puzzle. Collect the same lines of birds on the same branch and win your game at This game has a new art style and a collection of colorful birds. The game stimulates your brain in a very interesting and challenging way. It's easy to play with one-finger control and is suitable for all ages. Test your IQ by passing unique levels and unlocking new challenges.

The game has great graphics, no time limit, and is suitable for multiplayer with relaxing sounds. Make your strategy to sort the birds until you win the game. Move the bird by touching it and then touching the branch you want it to move to. You can only move the bird if it has the same color and has enough space on the branch. Don't get stuck with any move. You can press the back button to change the strategy and new move position. With simple gameplay, this game helps players relax after every stressful working or studying hour. Unlock the countless online game lists we have for your favorites. Different lines of birds attract players.

After you move most of the birds, the remaining birds can land on their own. Therefore, you can complete the challenge simply. This puzzle game helps players enjoy a relaxing moment of the day. ABCya puzzle game helps players enjoy the new online world in their spare time. Complete your favorite gaming world with today's favorite online game list. Then you can share with your friends how to play and the list of online games. Unlock different lessons of the new game world like Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle and Corona Airplanes Hidden

Instruction to play:

Controls: Left click to create new moves