Bomb Prank

ABCya adventure games always provide free games for players all over the world. It's fun in Bomb Prank if you're isolated on a deserted island with other people. However, each player will have to hold the bomb and wait for it to explode. The countdown starts and the bomb you're trying to deliver hasn't been delivered yet. Observe the location of other characters to transfer the bomb to them before it explodes. Exciting and fun multiplayer arena game. Everyone wants to stay away or move the bomb to another location to survive.

This survival game has captivated any player. Don't hesitate to unlock the most difficult levels for you at Move through different locations and pass the bomb to other players to survive. It could explode at any time. Share your travel tips and complete the unique journey we've introduced to players around the world. Update the game with your online preferences. Many players also try to win this game. Join the list that we update to not be bothered by ads. It's great if you make it to the end of this game.

What is the most difficult level you've been to? Win all of our games today. Save the best relaxing moments that you can't find on other websites. The choice of victory or defeat is up to you. Observe the position of other players to pass them the bomb. They can explode at any time. Complete this special journey that you have never been on other websites. The list of online games that we introduce to you is similar to this game as Hole Vs Bombs and Rage Road Online. Enjoy all free games with love!

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to move and switch the bomb to another player.