Bubble Raiders: The Sun Temple

In Bubble Raiders The Sun Temple - Abyca , you need to point, snap and match at least 3 soul rises of a similar shading to make them vanish! An old legend says that an ancient temple would house a fabulous relic which would uncover the secret of life... no less! But you will have a long way before discovering the treasure of the Sun Temple and you'll have to free the multiple keys guarded by Spirit Bubbles. Bubble Raiders is a fun and nice variant of the famous "Puzzle Bobble", developed in HTML5 and featuring 30 levels.

There's a treasure hidden in a temple. Legend says that this treasure contains the secret of life. Sounds mysterious, right? Start searching, shoot ghost bubbles and combine three or more bubbles to make them dissapear. Will you let us know what's in the treasure? Also very popular on this website ABCya puzzle games right now are Fruita Swipe

Instruction to play:

Instruction: mouse