Cake And Candy Business Tycoon

Become the owner of a candy factory and master the working stages in Cake And Candy Business Tycoon. This game has rich content at Grow your business career and earn a lot of money to invest in the factory. Many players love this game. Increase the production line in your candy factory, hire managers to automate the process, and earn as much money as you can.

Do you want to become a billionaire in the game? This is a good opportunity for each online player to complete different tasks in each journey. Unlock new products and work to earn money. There are many modern devices to increase your productivity. Increase staff salary to collect more candies. Try to win in your first time participating in candy production at the factory. If you are inexperienced, you can follow the game's instructions to participate in the processes and understand how the factory works. This game has extremely interesting content and attracts many online players to participate in the business. All factory processes are automated. Improve employee skills with managers to make more money. What's the coolest production line you've created? Make a lot of money in this amazing simulation game. We encourage online players to unlock different missions without being bothered by ads or game loading speed.

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Instruction to play:

Controls game: Use the left mouse button to complete the candy factory missions