Candy Monsters

Candy Monsters

Date added: 21/05/2017

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Candy Monsters: Nourish these eager creatures with loads of confections simply ensure that they get the correct shading. Achieve the objective so you can go to the following stage!

Feed the cute candy monsters with lots and lots of candies! But be careful as they only eat candies of the same color as them! Reach the goal and keep on feeding the monsters to proceed to the next stage with more monsters and more candies!

Candy Monsters is a mobile friendly arcade abcya game where your goal is to simply sort out the candies so they will fall to the mouth of the monsters who love them. Each monster has a different color and would only love to eat candies with the same color as them. At the beginning of the game online abyca, you will start off with two monsters. Later on, there will be more monsters to feed, more colors to watch out for, and more lanes to get the candies across. Will you be able to complete all levels and make all monsters satisfied?

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Game controls:

Mouse – Navigate
LMB / Touch – Select / Hold and Swipe to change candy lanes

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