Car Wash Rush

Learn about the journey of driving and washing your car in ABCya's new online game Car Wash Rush. Just control the car wash when going through the water. Be careful not to touch the muddy area, which will contaminate the vehicle. Control the car through every position and avoid dirt. You can reach the end of the path and score high. Many players have unlocked all levels of this game. It's time to clean your car. You will feel like you are driving in a car wash.

Win through games and share this special online driving game. Clean the car and find the right place to move on your way. We introduce how to play for players to enjoy their free time. Make new decisions to complete your part. Many players also want to join and conquer our driving game. Become a good player through online game versions of many different topics. What is your favorite game list? Update new game worlds and make choices at After completing the levels, players can share the list of online games with friends to unlock different challenges.

Don't hesitate to expand your favorite game world today. Follow the first plays and come up with a new way to play with hundreds of online challenges. Who will be a good player today? Perfect your gameplay and share the game world with tons of new players. Drive the car to the finish line safely and clean it to score high in your play. Many players also love our online gaming world. Unlock lots of challenges with games similar to this game like Crazy 2 Player Moto Racing and Zombie Monster Truck

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the left mouse to move left or right