Checkers Game

Are you looking for some tile-based games or some board games to play with your friends? We recommend that you should check out the Checkers Game from abcya 5 online since it's one of the best board games nowadays. You can play the game online without having to actually own a set of the board game.

You can choose to compete against the computer or share the match with a friend of yours. It's totally up to you! First, let ABCya free guide you through the rules of this game. Each of the players will be given a set of pieces with its own color. Your ultimate goal is to eliminate all of your opponent’s pieces to reach the farthest row. You can complete this goal by making single moves diagonally with a tile or try to turn one of your pieces into a king. The king has the ultimate power and it can move both forward and backward to attack the others.

This puzzle game has many modes with different difficulty levels so that you can pick the appropriate mode to suit yourself. Take it easy at first to warm up and learn the gameplay and the pattern as well. After you have grasped the rules and become a more advanced checkers player, change the difficulty levels to battle against the best players.

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Instruction to play:

Choose and make a move with your mouse.