City Bus Driver

Get ready to be a public bus driver in this bus game simulation game called City Bus Driver. There are many roads in this big city and players need to learn how to move to complete the mission. ABCya driving games have many new games on the player's favorite game list. Transport the bus you use from any point to another and get rewards. Collect new features and city-moving quests. Bus driving games give you a chance to become a real driver.

Unlock new bus models and drive with ultimate features today. This driving game becomes an excellent choice for online game players. Explore city journeys and collect coins to perfect your favorite online game world. We make it easy for players to control the car through the roads. Have you always dreamed of becoming a bus driver? This game attracts players to cross every street in the city to complete special missions. Choose the new way of playing you want to join today. Control the bus moving through the streets of the city. If you are new to this game, try to choose from missions and complete new challenges at

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Instruction to play:

Game Controls: Use the arrow keys to move, the left mouse button to choose rewards