Conect The Same Number

The way to be able to make long roads and connect numbers. The game Conect The Same Number at abcya games puzzle will give you a lot of numbers. Can you be confident you can bring all of them together? This is very much dependent on your intelligence. But first please join now in the game to have fun. The game has two main game modes given the 1-star and 4-star modes. The one-star mode is too easy a game mode for you. I recommend that you challenge yourself in the hardest game mode to train yourself more skills.

Each game mode is going to have different numbers. Coming to the high game modes, the number of numbers appears a lot. So you need to use your brain to its fullest to win. Which number do you want to append first? Let’s think about which path is easiest to connect. But this game is not that simple. Many numbers share a line. So you need to think about which number match is best and leave room for the others. If you match without thinking, you can only match half the number of numbers and you cannot even find the next.

Let’s mobilize your brain to work together to find all the connecting paths that match the most accurately. Give me a fortune! You will be able to train yourself a lot of skills when participating in the game Conect The Same Number at Good luck will come to you as you share the game with your friends so that together you get the chance to participate in a lottery number game. Explore a few other similar entertaining game genres Celebrity Guess Bollywood and Drive And Paint

Instruction to play:

Use mouse to be able to connect numbers.