Connect The Jelly

Do you love jelly? Will you eat them or arrange them in the same color in the Connect The Jelly game? ABCya games recommend this game to players of different ages so they can explore in their spare time. You just need to connect 2 jellies of the same color without inserting in the path of other jelly pairs. Find the rules and improve each level with the highest score. Share your migration tips if you've unlocked and explored all levels of the game. You will be eager to join this game and not miss any moment.

Each player will be extremely surprised at their ability to win. Each play way will lead you to different paths. You will spend a lot of time searching for the best way to go for the harder levels of this game. This is an interesting game for players who love to explore and explore after every working hour or stressful study. Do not hesitate to explore the challenges for you on our latest journey. Your friends will not be able to miss this great game space. The color of jelly attracts you to join and win each level with a 100% movement path. The amount of jelly also increases gradually at more difficult levels. What is the exact way you found it?

Their journey began when they searched and joined the first level. An addictive game that will help you relax more. Complete missions and show your wits as you find your way to the jelly. The list of new games is constantly updated at and you will be ready for this challenge anytime. Some similar games for you like Jumpy Car and Impossible 13. Win and save that great moment. You can hardly miss it.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to connect jelly of the same color on your journey