Countryside Friends

Countryside Friends

Date added: 07/06/2017

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Countruside Friends - Abyca 2018 games. These two girls both live in a different city, but they have grandparents in the same countryside. They usually spend their vacation there and are best friends while they do. They both have a passion for fashion, so they are usually dressing up in a fun and stylish countryside items and then go out to explore the villages nearby.

In this free abcya, help them both get dressed for today. Start with a fresh make-up using an eyebrows pencil, mascara, contact lenses, eye shadow, lipstick and blush. The first girl could wear a red plaid shirt paired up with denim shorts, a pair of red shoes, white round retro style glasses and a red scarf tied in her hair. Her friend could choose a purple top with flower prints and a white skirt with star prints, melon shaped earrings and a lovely bow in her hair.

This pretty little sisters want to go to the countryside on vacation, give them a fresh pastoral style dress up.

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