Cube Blast

There are many different levels for players to participate in the famous Cube Blast game at This puzzle game leads players to the world of solid things. The most special thing you can hardly miss to participate in your spare time. Choose the most colorful cubes of the same color in this game to improve your score. There are many players who are constantly topping the rankings of the best players with different simple ways of playing.

You can collect gaming tips for the most comfortable relaxation time. Cubes will constantly appear after the old cubes are lost on the screen. Your points are gradually increased through the levels. Therefore, you can completely update this game to your favorite game list to relax and share with friends. Different competitions are held among gamers around the world. You will have the opportunity to relax with this special puzzle game at Abcya puzzle games. Players are not bothered by any element when joining the game.

They have the opportunity to unlock all the latest levels of the game and complete the mission in the best way. We also constantly update new puzzle games similar to this game for online game players from all over the world. You can find different ways to move to complete the task of each level with the highest score you can achieve. Surely this will be the game you regularly participate in your spare time with some other new games such as Escape The Hapless Princess and Kids Room Escape 2. Different ways of playing lead you to the final destination and create a difference and top the list of the best players if you join your friends.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button and press and position the cubes to stand side by side with the same color