Daddy Rabbit

Become the dad to find the kids in the game Daddy Rabbit. Collect enough carrots to use during your travels when participating in this game at ABCya online. You must find all your lost children inside the most amazing underground cave you have ever seen. First, the player needs to grow carrots, harvest, and ask for the help of the gardener. If he falls asleep, wake him up with carrots.

The diamond helps you get rid of the mouse. Find it and complete this difficult journey. Countless players have unlocked our levels in their spare time. You can play new games anytime you want. Move down the tunnel and find the baby bunnies. Lead them through the dangers, collect diamonds to escape the mouse. These baby bunnies sleep peacefully everywhere, but when the father rabbit passes by, they will follow him all the way. Feed them and protect them from the onslaught of zombies.

The baby rabbits will follow their father but will cry if they are awake and the father wanders too far. When that happens, the zombies will get annoyed and directly eat them. Throw carrots at the evil zombies to continue your journey to the end of the tunnel. Different tunnels are constantly appearing in this game at Are you ready for a new journey? Collect tips and use your skills to complete every challenge. We recommend many games similar to this one for multiplayer. Unlock games that you can participate in in your spare time like Super Friday Night Funki Vs Minecraft and Pixel Wars Snake Edition. Do you love this wonderful game world?

Instruction to play:

Use mouse or WASD to move in the tunnel, shoot carrots at zombies with the spacebar, wake gardener with B key