Domino Block

Domino Block is excellent merging puzzle game at abc game. In the game, your aim is to merge blocks to get higher blocks on the board. Place three blocks with the same number next to each other to merge them, horizontally, vertically, or both. You can rotate blocks before placing them too!


The player with the highest double places the first domino. Play proceeds to the left. Each player adds a domino to an open end of the layout, if he can.


Note: The layout may flow in any direction, turning as necessary. The 5-5 and 1-1 are placed in the customary crossways orientation, though may just as properly be placed in an inline orientation.


Like other boards game like mahjong, checkers or jigsaw, it is your best companion in leisure time. A player that cannot make a move must pass. In the block game at abcya for school, players may not draw tiles from the boneyard. The game ends, when one player uses the last domino in his hand, or when no more plays can be made. If all players still have tiles in their hand, but can more no moves can be made, so the game is said to be 'blocked'


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Instruction to play:

Controls: Use your mouse to interact