Dynamons at http://abcya.games/ help you immerse yourself in a beautiful and dangerous world filled with different creatures from everywhere. Explore unspoiled lands, where creatures live, and with the guidance of your friend named Jovani, fight other creatures to win them with different fighting abilities. Before you continue fighting, observe your abilities and use them after a certain amount of time to fight and defeat the opponent.

Each creature will have different power and you have the opportunity to use attacks along with your excellent arsenal to damage enemies when they are caught off-guard. The more you fight, the higher your motivation level. This means they have more attack power so they can do even more impressive things in this ABCya game battle. As you progress along the story, you should add more momentum to your battle list so you can survive bigger battles and tougher enemies. Be sure to take good care of them and heal them whenever you can.

Your skills are upgraded in the game and try to explore in this challenging and exciting game world. Do not forget to collect creatures into the ball if you find that they can serve your next battle. This is the ability to show the army you built in the new strategy. Any enemy is stronger than you if you do not know how to fight. Each battle will bring you to the exciting world of its own. Do not hesitate, unlock all the missions today. Some new games similar to this one are also updated in the list like Kung Fu Fight: Beat 'Em Up and Cat Gunner Vs. Zombies. Get ready to join and relax today.

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the left mouse button to choose how to fight with your motivation