Elsa And Anna Wedding Party

Oh, Congratulations! Today, Elsa and Jack, Anna and Kristoff two pairs of lovers will jointly hold wedding party. You are Elsa and Anna`s wedding stylist, help them to become the most beautiful bride sisters. Choose the wedding dresses, make up for them and design the right hairstyles.

Two beautiful sisters from snowy kingdom Erendell were separated in early childhood. Elsa did not want to harm his beloved sister Anne, and therefore hid in the castle, and for many years did not come to light. But soon she had to take the place of the Queen Erendella and she decided to make a ball. There, she and her sister were reunited again, and even find their second halves. Girls very much in love and want to get married one day.

The kingdom had never seen such a grand celebration, which will take place at the wedding ceremony of two girls. In the game abcya free Elsa And Anna Wedding Party you will see two brides at the beginning of their training. They are so many things you need to do to make the wedding took place on time and were at a high level, as required by the royal office of Elsa. Both girls are waiting on you gorgeous makeup. You can paint the girls in turn, when you play in the wedding party of Anna and Elsa. In their wardrobe there are several wedding dresses.

One of them should be put on the girl during the wedding with his chosen one. Dressing the girls in turn, do not forget that they do not have to be similar. Do not try to choose the same dress, because every bride wants to be unique. Game Wedding party Anna and Elsa will require you to also design skills that have to decorate the room. It should look festive and sparkling, with a lot of balls and flowers. And each of the brides will shine on you selected jewelry and of course happiness.

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