Elsa First Day In Hogwarts School

play the mobile game Elsa First Day In Hogwarts School on your smartphone, pad or tablet directly without installation. Elsa finally become the student of Hogwarts school after failed several times! She is so happy and she want to looks perfect when she come to school. So you need to choose some suitable dresses for her.

Elsa has magical abilities and wants to develop them and learn how to control this magic by nature. The best place where a girl will be taught to control abilities is Hogwarts, but not everyone can get there. Elsa sent the application, but has not received a reply yet. In the abcya game Elsa First Day In Hogwarts School the girl is waiting for the happy news and will bring his snowman Olaf. He came running right in the morning and happily reported that the princess had been admitted to a magical school and from next week she would need to show up at the train station from where the train would take her directly to Hogwarts.

The girl immediately had a lot of worries and the main one was to take care of the school uniform in Elsa First Day In Hogwarts School. Choose a uniform for the future student, in it she will appear in the reception hall, where the distribution of the incoming to the faculties will take place. There are four of them in the magical school: Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Put a magic hat on the girl to sort and help her a little.

Elsa wants to go to the chair of Gryffindor, where the famous Harry Potter studied and you will help. It's nice when dreams come true, but you need to work hard and Elsa is worthy of getting what Elsa First Day in Hogwarts School wants.

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