Fast Menu Game

Learn how to control the fast daily business in Fast Menu Game free from abcya best free online games! With the main theme as a cooking game, this game also comes with an arcade matching feature to make it more interesting. It's all about cooking fast food and managing the customers for a famous restaurant on the beach. Each day, you have to serve the customers with the best dishes to secure the sales target. By combining different food materials into the food, you need to create a specific dish that they want as fast as you can.

This place is famous, therefore, the line of customers is long. If the customers have to wait for too long, they will leave and you will not gain any money. Make sure to memorize the list of ingredients and recipes at the beginning of the game. Only by remembering which ingredients are necessary will you be able to complete the dish. Since there are a lot of items from the list at abcya for games, take your time to learn them one by one. Also, you can count on the image of the dish to guess which ingredients might be inside.

All in all, it's a classic cooking game which requires the speed, precision and good memory from the players. Let's gather your friends and manage this food stall! Find out more girl games for your free time such as Rearrange Letters 2 and Pizza Challenge right here!

Instruction to play:

Cook and serve using the mouse.