Fidget Spinner Master

Are you a master of fidget spinning? Play this cool Fidget Spinner simulator at free abcya game, and become a real master. There is no spinning limit, you can spin as long as you can! Try to keep it spinning as fast as you can and unlock different kinds of bonuses to earn lots of coins. Prove yourself in this game. Much fun!

Enter the multitouch mode to let you spin even faster. Once the yellow bar filled, you get a gold coin. In the game at abcya 4 game, the longer your spin, the more rewards you get. When you have earned enough money, you will enter the shop and buy a new, hotter one. Using the coins to unlock cooler fidget spinners with different colors. Have fun!

This simulator reacts really well to the player's movements, to offer the best possible experience. Do you think you have what it takes to become a real Fidget Spinner Master? If you like this game, check out Fidget Spinner Bros at Give it a try!


✔ 1 Classic Spinner: A basic Fidget Spinner you can use.

✔ 20 different types of Normal Spinners: You can purchase these with in-game money earned through spinning Fidget Spinners. These can be upgraded up to Level 5.

✔ 20 different types of Enhanced Spinners: Once Normal Spinners reach MAX level, they can be enhanced.

✔ 20 different types of Unique Spinners: You can get these from picks, using in-game money.

✔ 5 different types of Legendary Spinners: Enhanced Spinners and Unique Spinners can be combined to become a Legendary Spinner.

✔ 5 different types of Final Spinners: Legendary Spinners can be evolved into these once you own all 5 types of the Legendary Spinners.nir un spinner légendaire.

Instruction to play:


Spin by dragging the left mouse button.