Fill The Battery

Use the help of obstacles to alternate the current and Fill The Battery to complete every mission. Will you unlock difficult levels at Follow the game guide and gameplay tips to win countless difficult challenges. You will be ready to go through any journey with your favorite skills and game themes. Share how to play with new friends. What challenging journey can you join today? The appearance of the obstacles is also different at each level. Their number will vary depending on how you adjust. With each theme, we have tons of new games that players can hardly miss.

Spend your free time perfecting the gameplay and unlocking the levels. New ways to play help you relax after every stressful working hour. Will you become a good player? Take advantage of the tips and skills we recommend for any unique journey. Colorful game world for players of different ages. The mission of the game is similar to the name. You only need to adjust the current to fully charge the battery blocks. They will work and provide power to the devices. Become a technician and handle all obstacles that the game suggests to the player.

ABCya's free game opens up a new world of options. Players are constantly engaged and given special missions with other players. Fill the pin blocks with the direction of movement that you need to adjust through the game. If you turn the line in the wrong direction, you can try on the next turn. Who can win all the games we have? Learn all the skills to complete the game and introduce other players to favorite game topics such as City Idle Tycoon and Little Panda

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the left mouse button to adjust the direction of the electric current.