Flick Basketball

Basketball sport always attracts online game players in their own way. You will start the Flick Basketball game at http://abcya.games/ with a time span of 45 seconds and a certain number of ball hits. Those turns will be accumulated in the next game. Therefore, you need to try right from the first throw. The time of the next turn will decrease to 30 seconds.

You need to pay attention to the distance between the balls and the basket until the basket moves and the player needs to throw the ball to the basket and complete the level with the highest score. The number of throws to hit the baskets is the number of points you get. Locate the ball on the left, right or center to move and throw the ball into the basket most accurately when joining this special game at our website.

Many players are constantly trying to complete the game with the task given by the game. Players no longer hesitate to explore ABCya's space for today's unblocked games. Share your gameplay to throw the ball into the basket most accurately. You also need to observe the basket at the next move to pick up the ball and throw in the position where the basket stops.

That is the special key to open this game for players. You do not hesitate to join our special space. Become the best player on your journey today. Surely you will want to share interesting moments in other similar games like Twisty Road and Gobble Dash. All challenges await you ahead.

Instruction to play:

 Press the left mouse button and drag backward to throw the ball towards the basket