Fnaf World

Five Nights at Freddy's World is one of the most famous games in the horror series from abcya 3 game. Most of the fans of horror games have been familiar with the game, however, we invite you to try out the updated version to discover more secrets and overcome the new challenges with the robots. The scary characters can become friendly from time to time, so let's help them to solve some troubles.

After your last visit in the previous game at http://abcya.games, there has been something wrong with the Animatronic-Village. There have been a lot of bizarre creatures roaming the village and scare the little friends. We need you to come back and protect Freddy and his buddies from the villains. The villains are scary and they are ruthless, but you can win any match by using your intelligence, bravery, and flexibility. Some of the objects contain the key to win the game so keep looking for them.

Moreover, the gang can't prevent you from having the best time with Freddy! Your task is to walk around the place and step against all kinds of threatful characters to figure out what is wrong. It's not an easy task since the enemies will try to interrupt you during your mission. However, don't miss out on the best game with such a cool concept!

There are many more games such as Arm Fight and Tank Trouble 2 if you want to play a little more with Freddy and his friends!

Instruction to play:

Use W, A, S, D to move and the mouse to fight.