Frozen Castle Adventure

Frozen Castle Adventure

Date added: 21/04/2017

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Hi kids, boys & girls! Would you like to have Princess Castle Adventure? Enjoy fun filled activities at frozen castle like Ice Castle cleaning, garden ice cleaning, snow removing and crown making for Ice Princess.

Frozen Castle Adventure is a free online game for girls on You can play Frozen Castle Adventure in your browser without directly.

Greeting, dear friends, and welcome to this whole new day in which we are going to have such a great time together, and also, along with some of your favorite cartoon characters such as these ones from the Frozen cartoon movies. Today, our site team from Abcya has the pleasure of bringing you such an interesting and adventurous game with one of the most loved character from the Frozen category, Olaf the snowman.

Olaf has been trapped into a dark side of the castle, where everything is Frozen and there are a lot of evil Marshmallow characters, trying to get to Olaf. Come and join us within this new adventure game abcya 3 Frozen Castle Adventure, and help Olaf get as high as possible, without meeting with Marshmallow. We wish you all good luck and we hope that you are going to get a higher score as possible.

Find out what Ice princess do as an owner of magic ice castle! Ice Princess is having big frozen Adventure with five entertaining activities at beautiful Frozen Castle.

1 => Castle Room Clean-up: Move the waste and warpers into trash. Clean the dust from royal furniture. Change the charming paint on the room's wall. 
2 => Castle Garden Clean-up: Remove the dry leaves from ground using electric machine. Set the flowers and Christmas tree in the garden, also apply lights on the tree.
3 => Castle Ice Removing: Remove the frozen ice from castle road using truck. Its lot of fun to remove ice using truck. There are 5 frozen roads, that you have to remove the frozen ice from it. Each road have different difficulty of removing frozen ice. 
4 => Garden Arrangement: Decorate & arrange the castle's garden. Wipe ice from bench. Set the plant in garden and set variety of umbrellas on the table.
5 => Frozen Princess Crown Making & Decoration: Fix the broken crown, apply different colors on it. Put diamonds and red stones on the frozen princess crown. 
Have fun at Abcya games online!
* 5 Frozen Ice Adventures sections at Frozen Castle
* Ice Princess Fun with Snow and Frozen Landscapes
* Free to Play for Kids & little girls
* Fast and easy control of ice removing truck
* Five ice removing sections
* Beautiful design and High quality graphics

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You can also read the instructions that Frozen Castle Adventure are given in the game and follow them carefully!

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