Fruit Chef

Slice and dice in this addictive abcyagame! As the fruit gets tossed in the air, use your finger to slice the fruit in half before it falls off the screen. Be careful not to slice the bombs or kitties!

Fruit Chef is a classic arcade game abcya 2018. You're the best chef in the world but someone has decided to challenge your skills. They decide to throw fruits up for you to see if you can slice them cleanly before they hit the floor. Slice fruits by swiping from the bottom and up. Avoid bad objects. Upgrade your knife to increase your performance. When you are skilled, you will get special orders.

Play Fruit Chef on http://abcya.gamesFruit chef is an important job. Without you salads and drinks can't be made. Cut the fruit into pieces, but watch what you're doing. You don't want to cut into innocent kittens or rotten fruit, right? Good luck, chef!

Instruction to play:

Click and hold your mouse to slide the fruit.