Fruitways Matching

Collect the same fruits through the game Fruitways Matching. Score high on the next rounds and give new rewards for your selections. We expand the game for players at Move the fruits into the space to form a horizontal or vertical row of 3 of the same fruit. Use as few moves as possible to get more points. The game has an extremely easy way to participate with special options. How do you win every challenge? To move a fruit, first, tap the fruit and then tap any empty cell. If there is any open path between the fruit and its destination, it will go to the new place.

The game has many challenges with easy to difficult levels for you to win with different choices. Complete a level before your score reaches 0. You can use special powers like a Bomb and extra points to combine fruits faster. ABCya matching free game has a new space for you to choose from. The fruit garden helps players relax after stressful working hours. Find your way through new locations for fruits. Save your online game skills and win all our levels. Each of the same fruit will appear in several locations that you can observe to collect.

Find the correct way to score and win the special game space we have today. Players get lost in the new garden and discover the wonders of the colorful game world. What options can you participate in today? Share your gameplay with friends. If they are looking for new games, you can recommend a special period of the game. Unlock many other online games like Chess Multi Player and Forest Match 2

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to move the fruits