Funny Battle Simulator

If you love fights, you'll want to join the Funny Battle Simulator at We help players complete challenges without spending a lot of time searching for how to play. Use your fighting skills to destroy all enemies. Choose the right fighting power for each level. Your enemies also have different strategies. Therefore, observe them and come up with an appropriate fighting style. Complete this game with how to control the huge army. You also have the opportunity to command infantry and archers. Watch your grenade throwers throw grenades at enemies.

Control the great Zeus and throw lightning. Crush all enemies. Show off your tactical skills. Prove that you are the best champion in the world! We help players enjoy the most exciting gaming moments in new journeys. You will not be bothered by the game loading speed. Unlock lots of different missions today. The game has many large-scale and spectacular battles. With beautiful graphics, the game helps players relax after every stressful study hour. What are you waiting for without discovering this war? Control the number and position of troops to use the best gaming strategy.

Many players have completed the levels with the best results. Don't give up when you lose the first fight. Observe the opponent to choose the appropriate weapon. Use the best attack and defense methods for the journey you love today. ABCya's new online game opens up the battle game space with many new games. Save your favorite game list with the fun world you have like Stick War: Infinity Duel and Interstellar Run

Instruction to play:

How to play: Left mouse button - Create unit Right mouse button + CTRL - Delete WASD unit - WASD standard movement + Right mouse button (Hold) - Shift Shift Alternate - increase Q/E movement speed - Rotate camera