Gem Legends

Gem Legends - the myth about mysterious gems was handed down with every generation in match3 abcya games online. Now it is a time to know the tradition behind those gems. You are welcomed by Asian girl with a magic stick that would guide you through the legendary story about ancient traditions.

Evil forces turn the gems to the stones in match3 games online. Walk a long way with your new associate to save the artifacts. Tap on the group of two identical chips to remove them in match3 games online. The number of moves is limited, use extra powers to move on. Overcome various challenges and show your vigor in ABCya games free.

Set new records and get accomplishments in the astounding match 3 game Gem Legends! Go to the baffling Asian world and submerge into its stunning climate in the bewilder Gem Legends! Your point is to adapt to every one of the missions and evacuate diverse diamonds in a few number of moves. Respond rapidly not to sit around idly and dispose of gatherings of indistinguishable pearls to get scores. Hope you have fun and make sure you discover more games on our site. To help you save time, here are some of the best choices for you Wood Block Puzzle 2 and How to loot! Pull Pin at ABCya puzzle games


Instruction to play:

Instruction: mouse