is a fantastic online PVP strategy ABCya IO games – this multiplayer battlefest has similar gameplay to the immensely popular Clash Royale (from the creators of clash of clans) and Clash of Vikings. During each battle, you control your own base and must deploy a variety of troops to destroy your opponent’s base and army. This might seem easy, but you have to know your troop types and deploy them strategically to play to their strengths. You may also like: Shell Shockers and

The Riot Police for example is classed as a tank unit that can absorb a large amount of damage – deploy the tank unit first to attract attention from the enemy towers and then move your weaker units in behind them. To win a battle you must successfully destroy your opponent’s towers or gain a higher score than your enemy. Rewards from each battle include coins and cards – cards can be used to upgrade your units and coins can be used to purchase new units with greater abilities. Can you conquer the PVP arena and become a GUNZ champion?

Gunz .io is a rough multiplayer online tower defense strategy game full of shots and explosions. Send out your troops to battle your enemies and destroy their towers to win a match. Every move has a cost, so you have to wait until you have enough energy. Try different strategies to beat real players from all over the world and earn new soldiers and other upgrades for your army.

Instruction to play:

Instruction: Left click to choose and deploy unit.