One of the classic games from your childhood has just come back to ABCya Kindergarten with an online version! Do you remember the game, Hangman? If you are a fan of playing Hangman with your friends during a boring class, you can enjoy the game online anytime for free now! The rules of this popular game remain unchanged in the online version. However, you can play against the computer to challenge yourself.

Your task is to guess the word with the only hint is the number of letters. Take the turn to choose the letters one by one. When you choose the wrong letter, a part of the hangman will appear on the stick. The other parts of him will show up slowly everytime you fail to guess the letters. The game is over when the full image of the hangman appears on the pole, which means you have lost to your opponent. You need to use your intelligence to figure out the perfect word in this game at http://abcya.games.

Or you can use some tips and tricks to quickly find the letters. No matter how you play the game, we guarantee that you will enjoy the fun playtime with it! How many times does it take for you to find out the word and save the poor little doodle guy? After you play Hangman, don't forget to try out some other games like Ben 10 Cannonbolt Crash and Slime Hunter

Instruction to play:

Play with the left mouse. Brainstorm a little with this fun puzzle game now!