Help the Hero

Help the Hero overcome all the difficult challenges of the journey online ABCya games. Exciting physics puzzles in which you have to solve simple and difficult tasks, the main goal of which is to save the hero on the level. Find the exact position of the pins to pull them and win to save the hero and collect the treasure. Players need to mix water and lava to get rocks, release gas on opponents, and all of this to stay alive and get all the gold for themselves.

Obstacles appear everywhere on the journey. Unlock all levels and win tough challenges today. We facilitate players to pass the special game space now. Are you ready to unlock the new journey? Share your gameplay and complete every quest. We help players save their favorite games in no time. You will be ready to complete the obstacles and win the new game world. Who will become a good hero through this version of the game? Learn our game skills and unlock every journey. If you lose, try the next challenge. The game has many difficult levels for players to choose to participate in and experience the unique game space. Help the hero through difficult rooms at

Save the gaming skills and tips you want to join today. You can then share this with many other players in this special journey. Lava appears in the pits. Let's remove the pins to drain the water and create rocks to help our hero move. With new ways to play, players have a chance to win all of our levels. What is your biggest challenge? Unlock and win our difficult journey today with games similar to Super Oliver World and Battles of Seas

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to click on the pins and remove them