Are you looking for games to join for hours? Relax with new ways to play and perfect Hexamerge's great experiences. ABCya online game offers new suggestions for players to complete and relax after every hour of intense study. You combine numbered hexagon tiles to create higher values and get the highest score. Immerse yourself in the colorful world and challenge your new abilities.

Follow the instructions of the game to find the way to move and make reasonable suggestions. Score high through the turns before the umbrella is filled. Use fun power-ups like the Trash Can and the Hammer to help you through challenging levels. The game gets harder as you progress, keeping you engaged and entertained. Enjoy colorful and vivid graphics in this moving game world. Resume your progress from where you left off with convenient save states. Drag the numbered hexagon tiles to the grid and merge three or more cells with the same number to create a higher-value tile.

Players can change the arrangement of the hexagons to match the same numbers. Collect 3 numbers to form a bigger number. Will you get the highest score through the rounds? We help players explore this journey without being bothered by ads. Explore every adventure we recommend for the amazing game space you choose to unlock. Show off your gaming skills with new games at ABCya puzzle games. After unlocking the online games, you can introduce your friends to this wonderful journey. Get ready for countless new experiences that we recommend to online players around the world like Paused and Insect Exploration

Instruction to play:

Controls game: Left click to move the hexagon to the position you want