Hole .io

Hole IO is a cool game abcyaa 3 where you control a black hole that absorbs everything in your path that is smaller than you. So that means the bigger you get the more things you can suck up and don’t be afraid. Watch out for other opponents. Become the biggest and the most powerful gravitational force on the server.

Tired of jumping gaps and falling into holes losing lives on games? Well, today is pay back day for you with this cool Hole .io, a funny multiplayer online abcya game in which you play as a hole sliding through a city full of objects and other players from all over the globe. Absorb all kinds of things you see on your way and get bigger and bigger. Just avoid being absorbed by larger players and increase in points and size to become as huge as possible and end up absorbing entire buildings.

Will you be able to eat up the world in Hole IO?

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As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

Have fun with Hole IO!

Instruction to play:

Only Use Mouse