Iphone X Makeover

Elsa just bought herself a new iPhone and while playing with it she managed to drop it on the floor As a result of the high impact the phones screen crushed and a few internal pieces got broken You cant imagine girls how sad our favourite Disney Princess is but Im sure one of you can help her feel better by fixing the broken phone So come and join her in getting the iPhone X Makeover and while working out your amazing skills try to repair her broken gadget Open it up remove and replace the damaged internal parts then replace the broken screen and then feel free to use a delicate cloth to wipe all fingerprints on it Great job ladies Now that it looks brandnew you can make it more fancy and girly with a bunch of trendy accessories You can pick out a new funky shaped cover for it you can personalize it by changing its color or by adding some cool prints on it The touch button can come in its own cute look you get to decide on that too You can also get some sweet applications and place them wherever you want on your iPhone And a customization is not complete until you pick out a great look for Elsas new screen Enjoy