Irrational Karate

Irrational Karate is a ABCya action games for people that like the idea of beat em ups but were never really good enough to play them. It's a game for people that enjoy mercilessly thumping their enemies but wished it could all look cuter. Mostly, though, it's a game originally created for Bitgem's 9th Game Jam.

Despite the ABCya games jam being over (and Irrational Karate placing 1st - wooh!), my work on this abcya game is not. I'm looking to continue development and expand the content, clean up any remaining rough edges, and release on more platforms. I'll keep the dev log posted with updates as they happen and will upload new builds as and when sensible milestones are reached.

Irrational Karate is free (genuinely free - no ads, and please feel free to share it with people), but any donations are incredibly welcome as they'll directly help fund further development on this and other current and future projects. Irrational Karate is a fun and intense fighting ABCya freee that requires skill and quick reactions. This is a 1on1 karate game and you must utilize a wide array of kicks, punches and attacks to defeat your opponent. Use the arrow keys to control the movement of your character, and use the S, A and E keys to perform different types of attacks.

Take time to learn the different combinations and work on timing your attacks perfectly. You must also dodge incoming attacks from your opponents and try to keep your momentum going in order to sustain your barrage of punches and kicks. Can you become a karate master and defeat all your enemies in the arena? Do not miss other related games such as Mafia Showdown and Death Worm at ABC ya

Instruction to play:


  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Up arrow to jump
  • Down arrow to crouch
  • S to kick
  • A to do quick attack
  • W to do heavy attack
  • Esc to pause