Jump Bunny Jump

You can enter the game Jump Bunny Jump more than once to set a new record. Baby bunny loves to jump high. This interesting game appeared at ABCya games. He invented the catapult and now he wants to jump as high as possible. Can you help bunny jump high? Help him fulfill his dream and jump to infinity. Many rewards and coins are appearing in the air that you can collect to increase your score.

During the jump, collect coins and use various power-ups. You can see different steps to continue moving to new heights. Take advantage of this. The cute graphic game attracts many players to participate in their spare time. Use different power-ups to help him jump even higher, but must avoid obstacles. Join this game over and over to discover the highest milestones you reach. Use the collected inventions or buy some in the store. If the bunny falls, the game is over. However, you can start the game again in no time.

Play over and over and complete new skills in our amazing game. Fulfill your bunny's dream in the air and complete the hard challenges you've never taken on any website. The list of new online games on many different topics is continuously updated at https://abcya.games/. Bunny is the smart bunny you've ever met. Join this entertaining game to kill your free time. Share with other friends if you love it. Teach them the most basic moves you have made to join the game. List of new games introduced to players around the world as Monster Underground and Crafttower

Instruction to play:

Use left or space mouse to jump high, left or right arrow key to move through different positions in the air