Lateral Defense

Join the puzzle shooting game called Lateral Defense at ABCya online. Observe the moving speed of the balls and choose the color in the right position. Shoot all the balls to score and win the game. This is a difficult task that you need to experience and react to quickly. Shoot at the balls that are coming from the top of the game screen.

They have different colors. At the bottom of the game you have a red button that fires red bullets, and on the right side is a yellow button that fires yellow bullets. Click on the correct position to shoot the laser at the balls of the same color as the bullet. What is your best choice in this game? Show off the amazing gaming skills you have today. Many players are ready to go through this journey. You need to destroy the red balls with red bullets and the yellow balls with yellow bullets. Become the best shooter of all the online shooting games you have ever participated in. If you mix the bullets, the game will end quickly. Therefore, adjust the shooting position to make the best decision. Tap at the same time on the red and yellow buttons to shoot at the balls. It's easier to play on mobile devices.

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Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse to shoot the ball with yellow or red color