Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle

There are many ways to move the liquid in the test tube of the game Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle. Complete each mission and unlock all levels if you join this ABCya game. You will think a lot and have a lot of fun playing Lipuzz games. Discover a great game for memory training if you have a lot of free time every day. Observe the color of the liquid and transfer them to a new test tube. The next levels will be more difficult. Therefore, you need to observe and make the best choice for this journey.

The game aims to collect liquids of the same color in a container. You will transfer the liquids in that bucket to each other. Liquids of different colors cannot move to each other. The most important rule in the game is that the bucket you want to pour liquid into must be empty or the other bucket must have liquid of the same color. Share fluid moves with your friends to complete new quests brilliantly. If you can't pass the level in the game, you can get another container from the top menu. This game has attracted the most demanding players to join and relax. Unlock all the hardest missions in your spare time at

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Instruction to play:

Use LEFT MOUSE to move liquids in test tubes