Looney Roonks

Unfortunately for our poor little Looney Roonks. The island is full of rooms and you have to help the protagonist get 3 people in a row so they can be sorted into a room. This game is updated at http://abcya.games/ and has attracted many online game players around the world. As more and more Roonks filled the screen, they were forced to head towards a cliff. You must save them quickly, otherwise, they will surely fall into the water. Let's stop the population overcrowding on the island before it's too late.

With how to play this game, you will find this game completely easy. However, players need to be careful to complete missions through each level and achieve the highest score in this new game. We continually suggest new online games to players all over the world and players who are ready for the challenge at ABCya puzzle game. All games are free and you can feel the best way to play the game through the first turn.

If anyone character falls into the abyss, this game will end. Therefore, you should be careful with this special journey today. Share how you play to win and top the best players rankings. Countless other players are also looking for interesting game worlds like this one. If you still have concerns with similar games, don't forget to unlock all of our games today with exciting game worlds like Falling Sand and Scatty Maps Asia. That will be a special new trip.

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the left mouse button to click and move the same characters so they stand in a vertical line and disappear on the screen.