Maze Tower

Have fun discovering the Maze Tower with two lovely friends from abcya kid games! This new game for two players is a maze and adventure game which has three unique modes so that you can have the best time with friends. You can choose to play in 1 player Adventure mode, 2 players Co-op Adventure mode or 2 players Race Rival mode.

Each has its own requirements and features. For example, in Race Rival mode, the first player who manages to reach the exit will be the winner. You will have to help two adventurers to follow the treasure map, overcome all the traps in these dark places in order to find the valuable items. For each level, you have three hearts to spare. According to this map, there are precious stones in the towers at which are protected by monsters and guards.

Move carefully around the places and remember to jump and avoid any monsters approaching you. There is a time limit for each episode so don't take too long. Move immediately if you can to gather more gems and find the exit. If you want to play with friends, this game will be a perfect choice thanks to the features that allow two players to share the game at the same time. How many stages will you be able to conquer?

You can predict the appearance of monsters and traps using the map since these obstacles will leave a mark on it. Use your flexibility and quick reflex to win this game now!

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Instruction to play:

Move with WASD and arrow keys and interact using the left mouse button.