Merge Cafe

Open a cafe shop in the online game Merge Cafe at Buy delicious coffee mugs, merge them to unlock new recipes, and serve them to cute customers. Start as a tea shop and expand your fresh bakery range. Filled with over 18 delicious treats, from plush biscuits to delicious triple chocolate cakes. Serve all customer requirements in the fastest way. Some dishes need to be merged 3 times.

The number will increase rapidly in the next turn. This difficult game attracts many players to join and relax with especially interesting content. Try running your store. The customers will give you 5 stars if you complete the evil tasks quickly. Players take pride in the way they manage the restaurant and provide special assistance throughout the game. Share your gameplay in online games at abcya games online. After matching the dishes, deliver them to the customer. Customer satisfaction becomes most important.

Make lots of money during your journey. Countless players joined and unlocked our game in their spare time. Share gameplay and interesting game content right now. The merge rate will increase gradually until you finish this game. Each player has different reflexes when playing the game. Create the best conditions for your turn now. Countless players have participated, passed, and shared this online game in their spare time. Where is your favorite online game list? Become the best player right now. A list of games similar to this one is played by players like Funny Haircut and Chef Kids. Fulfill the restaurant management dream you've ever wanted.

Instruction to play:

 Use the left mouse button to move and merge cups of coffee